The Perfect Summer Look: A Guide To Wearing To Wineries

Summer Winery Attire Essentials

To achieve the perfect summer look while visiting wineries, you need guidance on what to wear. In order to help you with this, we present the section on “Summer Winery Attire Essentials” with four subsections – “Choosing the Right Fabric and Fit”, “Stylish and Comfortable Shoes”, “Appropriate Sun Protection”, and “Trending Summer Accessories”. These subsections will provide you solutions that will make you look and feel your best, while still being comfortable and practical for a day out in the sun.

Choosing the Right Fabric and Fit

Fabric and fit are key for the perfect summer winery look. Pick breathable, natural fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk. A slim or regular fit is ideal for comfort and style. Earthy colors plus summery hues inspired by nature will complete the look. Ancient Egyptians wore light-colored linen to beat the heat. Follow these tips for a sophisticated look with ease!

Stylish and Comfortable Shoes

When exploring wineries in summer, comfy and stylish shoes are essential. Pick the perfect pair to guarantee your comfort throughout the day.

Here are some tips:

  • Flats or low heels with arch support for walking on uneven terrain.
  • Closed-toe shoes – breathable and protect feet from debris.
  • Waterproof shoes if visiting wet areas.
  • Slip-on styles for easy removal during tastings.

Bring an extra pair of shoes as a backup, in case of rain, mud, or uncomfortable shoes after a while.

Remember, long days require comfortable shoes over stylish ones. Combining both can make your winery experience unforgettable! Don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun too.

Appropriate Sun Protection

For your summer winery visits, don’t forget sun protection! Wear clothes, hats and sunglasses made of lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Shield your neck and ears with a wide-brimmed hat. Polarized sunglasses protect from glare. Use SPF sunscreen on exposed skin and opt for high protection factor products. Avoid peak sunlight (10am to 4pm) and seek shade or carry an umbrella if you’re prone to burning. Reapply sunscreen often, especially after swimming or sweating. Amp up your look with a chic hat and oversized sunglasses!

Trending Summer Accessories

For summer, you must have certain fashion accessories. To look trendy at a winery, these are a must-have!

  • Sunglasses that fit your face shape.
  • Hats, a classic accessory.
  • Open-toed shoes or Trainers, the best choice.

Choose unique details to stand out. Instead of a purse, go for Woven Totes. Cotton Sun Dresses and loose sleeved tops provide comfort on hot days. Add sass and glamor to your summer winery outfit with these trendy accessories. Else, you might miss out on fun and Insta-worthy moments. Beer pong shorts? No, no! Leave them at home.

Dressing Etiquette When Going To Wineries

To successfully navigate the world of winery dressing etiquette, you need to know exactly what to wear and what to avoid. In order to achieve this objective, you can follow three different sub-sections: Respectful Attire, Appropriate Entourage Attire, Limitations and Restrictions. These sections will provide you with all the necessary guidelines to ensure that you look elegant and appropriate while also adhering to the winery’s regulations.

Respectful Attire

When visiting wineries, appropriate dressing is a must! Show respect and blend in with the environment. Men should wear collared shirts or polos, and pants or trousers. Women should opt for sundresses or maxi dresses with sandals or heels. Avoid strong perfumes or colognes; they may overpower the scent of wine. Bring a sweater or shawl in case it’s chilly. Leave flashy bling at home, unless you want to look like a peacock! Be prepared for your next wine-tasting adventure!

Appropriate Entourage Attire

Visiting wineries requires dressing appropriately. This can make your experience more enjoyable, and show respect. Wear comfortable clothes that are clean and well-maintained. Choose suitable attire that fits in with the environment. Refrain from wearing flashy or provocative clothing.

For a sophisticated look, dress pants with collared shirts or dresses will do. Light cotton fabrics like linen or khaki are perfect for summer. Comfortable, yet stylish shoes are essential. Avoid flip flops or sandals.

Don’t overdress. Casual wear for outdoor picnics may be too much for formal wine-tasting events. Bring a sweater or jacket to adjust the temperature indoors.

Remember, worse than being overdressed at a winery, is being under-dressed and violating the dress code!

Limitations And Restrictions

When visiting a winery, there are certain rules that should be followed. To help guests plan their trip, we have created a checklist of the most important limitations and restrictions:

  • Age Restrictions: Children under 18 years old are not allowed.
  • Dress Code: No sportswear, shorts, or flip-flops.
  • Drinking Restrictions: Tasting rooms have pouring limits.
  • Outside Alcohol Policy: Bringing outside alcohol is not allowed.

There may be additional rules or regulations, so it’s best to check with the winery before arriving.

Lastly, do not drink and drive. The CDC states that drinking alcohol can impair coordination, judgment, and reaction time. Assign a designated driver or plan transportation ahead of time to stay safe.

Have a great visit and remember to dress appropriately – earth tones are best!

Picking The Right Color Palette

To master the perfect summer look for a winery trip, you need to start by picking the right color palette. Understanding the winery environment and matching the occasion with color choices are two important factors to consider, and we’ll explore them in detail. This section comprises two sub-sections, and each will provide you with valuable tips and insights to ensure that you look and feel your best.

Understanding The Winery Environment

Understanding the aesthetic expression of a winery space is key in setting the tone. Be aware of visual elements, concept goals and cultural experiences that provide context. Consider attributes like views, architecture, and materials used. This plays an instrumental role in choosing a color palette.

Rustic wineries look great with natural hues like brown, green and cream. Formal wineries prefer dark tones like burgundy mixed with black or gold textures. Bold reds, blues or greens work for contemporary spaces.

When selecting colors, consider branding goals too. Different colors evoke varying emotions. Subtle colors give a peaceful vibe, bright ones encourage brand awareness. Choose colors that complement the branding design and chosen themes. This helps create an authentic experience. Choose your palette to match the occasion.

Matching The Occasion With Color Choices

When picking colors for any event, there are various factors to consider, such as the venue, time of day, purpose, and audience. Adjusting your colors based on these elements can make your experience stand out.

We’ve created a table with colors that are suitable for different occasions. For example, muted and classic colors like black and white are perfect for formal weddings. Bright and warm colors like yellow and orange are good for more casual events.

Apart from typical colors used in each situation, adding unique shades that fit your brand or style can add character to your occasion. For example, earthy tones for corporate retreats or jewel tones for a dinner party.

Take Emily’s winter wedding, for example. Her ceremony featured rich cranberry reds contrasted by crisp whites with golden accents, making it a cozy and magical setting on a snowy evening. This color combination made her union unforgettable and different from traditional white weddings.

In the end, even an unsuitable color palette can look great with a good hair and makeup day.

Here is the table of colors suitable for different occasions:

Event Type Color Palette
Formal weddings Muted and classic colors like black and white
Casual events Bright and warm colors like yellow and orange
Corporate retreats Earthy tones
Dinner parties Jewel tones

Tips For Styling Hair And Makeup

To rock your winery visit with a stunning summer look, you need the right tips for styling your hair and makeup. This section of the article on what to wear to a winery in summer will guide you through simple and chic hairstyles for winery visits and help you achieve a natural and flawless look with makeup tips. Get ready to look and feel your best with these helpful tips.

Simple And Chic Hairstyles For Winery Visits

Searching for the ideal hairdo for your trip to the winery? Here are some ideas – simple yet chic.

  • Tousled Waves: Gorgeous, loose waves make a casual and stylish look.
  • Braided Up-Do: Keep your hair out of your face while you sip your wine with a chic braided up-do.
  • The Classic Bob: Sleek and timeless – maintain it all day.
  • Messy Bun: For a casual and stylish look, go for a messy bun. Easy and oh-so-chic!

Add natural makeup and don’t forget to protect your skin with sunscreen!

Pro Tip: Choose a hairstyle that works with your hair type & length for the best results. Natural makeup is the way to go!

Makeup Tips For A Natural And Flawless Look

For a flawless and natural makeup look, follow these tips!

  1. Clean your face and apply moisturizer to make skin appear smooth.
  2. Use a light-coverage foundation or tinted moisturizer. Focus on any redness or blemishes.
  3. Dab concealer onto any problem areas, like under-eye circles or pimples.
  4. Add a natural-looking blush to your cheeks.
  5. Highlight your best features with subtle eyeshadow and mascara.
  6. Finish with a nude lip color for a polished appearance.

For long-lasting makeup, use long-lasting products and set everything with setting spray.

Pro Tip: To avoid cakey-looking makeup, use lightweight formulas that blend well into the skin.

Ready to look like a vintage bottle of fine wine? Try these winery-ready outfit ideas!

What To Wear To A Winery In The Summer

To be winery-ready with the perfect summer look, you need outfit ideas that’ll make you feel comfortable yet chic. In this section, get ready to explore the best outfit ideas for your next winery trip. From formal yet comfortable outfit ideas to chic casual outfits for a laid-back experience to elegant outfits for special winery events – we got you covered.

Formal Yet Comfortable Outfit Ideas

Time to dress up for a winery visit! You need to look formal, but also feel comfortable. Here are some ideas:

  • Light-colored midi dress with flats.
  • Wide-leg pants, tucked-in shirt, and heeled sandals.
  • High-waisted trousers, flowy blouse, and wedge heels.
  • Jumpsuit with block-heels or sandals.
  • Knee-length skirts or culottes, tucked-in shirt/blouse, and ankle boots.
  • Light sweater, skinny jeans, ankle booties, and crossbody bag.

Accessorize based on the weather. Sun hat, sunglasses, or scarf for chilly evenings. Show your style with statement jewelry or brighter colors.

Plan ahead and make sure you have everything ready. Don’t be late, so you can enjoy all activities. Pack a jacket in case of sudden temperature drops.

Photo ops at a winery are great! So, go for a chic casual style and look like a wine expert!

Chic Casual Outfits For A Laid-Back Experience

Are you looking for the perfect casual look for your winery trip? Here are some easy-to-wear ideas that will help you look great effortlessly.

  • Go for a floaty midi dress with espadrille sandals and shades.
  • Team a white vest top with high-waisted shorts and strappy sandals.
  • Try a jumpsuit with flat block-heeled sandals or wedges.

To add extra style to your outfit, add minimalist jewelry like pendant necklaces or bracelets. Bring a light-coloured shawl or wrap too, just in case it’s windy.

Remember, some wineries need visitors to wear closed-toe shoes. So check their dress code before you go.

You don’t need to be an expert to look the part!

Elegant Outfits For Special Winery Events

Heading to a winery event? Choose an outfit that’s both elegant and suitable for the occasion. Here are some stunning Winery-Ready Outfit Ideas to consider:

  • Wine-coloured maxi dress with strappy sandals & statement necklace
  • Sleeveless midi dress with wide-brimmed hat & ankle boots
  • Pleated skirt & fitted top with block heeled sandals

Remember comfort. Wear something flowy, or layer up to shield yourself from the sun. Accessorize to stand out – sunglasses, floppy hats, and terracotta lipstick will all do the trick. And don’t forget practical shoes – no stilettos unless you want to end up sinking into the grass!

Don’ts When Dressing For Winery Visits

To ensure you make a great impression while visiting wineries, it’s important to be mindful of what you wear. In order to help you navigate this, let’s explore the ‘Don’ts’ when dressing for winery visits. This includes sub-sections on wearing revealing outfits, over-accessorizing, and choosing uncomfortable clothing.

Wearing Revealing Outfits

It is important to pick your clothes carefully when going to a winery. Revealing clothing is not recommended as it might be deemed inappropriate and disrespectful. Modest, semi-formal or smart-casual attire is recommended.

Think about the weather and time of day when selecting your outfit. Comfortable shoes and layers are good choices for walking outdoors. Avoid heels or open-toed shoes if there is strolling through vineyard rows.

Simple and elegant accessories like scarves or hats can add style without being disrespectful. Wineries are businesses that host people of all ages, families, and corporate clients. Dress in moderation and respect those around you to ensure an enjoyable experience. If your accessories are louder than the wine tastings, reconsider your outfit choices.


When choosing an outfit for a winery visit, avoid over-accessorizing. That means no excessive jewelry, hats, scarves or other extras. Select something simple and elegant that fits the setting. Avoid strong perfumes too; they can interfere with the aroma of the wines. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing suitable for walking around outdoors. Some wineries have dress codes; check in advance.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine says Dress like you’re having lunch, not dinner. So, no tight pants. Choose something flowy instead.

Wearing Uncomfortable Clothing

Inappropriate clothing can ruin your wine-tasting experience. Go for breathable and comfortable outfits that allow movement. Heels, open-toed shoes, dresses that flow to the ground, flashy jewelry, and heavy accessories should be left at home.

When choosing an outfit, consider the weather conditions. Make sure your outfit is fashionable, too, so you can get good pictures with vineyards in the background. Remember, your goal isn’t just to get drunk but to look good while doing it!


Exploring fashion trends for winery visits? Opt for lightweight clothing like flowy dresses, skirts or linen pants paired up with comfy footwear. Accessories like hats and sunglasses are perfect for protection from the sun, plus they add a fashionable touch. Pick pastel shades or prints for a feminine and chic look. And don’t forget a small bag or backpack instead of bulky handbags, plus a light jacket or scarf for weather changes.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget the sunscreen! It’s essential to protect your skin while outside taking in the vineyard views and tasting delicious wines.

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